Friday, December 31, 2004

2005 - The Year of Quality Blogs

Blogs have taken over our universe but their quality varies widely. My other-side-of-the-pond friend, Su and I read a lot of blogs in our areas of interest and we decided the public deserves some down to earth reviews and recommendations.

We find these blogs, we have no interest in reviewing a blog at the request of an owner. Do remember however that blogs change, they wax and wane and we may review a blog today and it may be gone next week. This is the ephemeral nature of the blogbeast. Blogs also change theme or content at every twist in a writer's life so don't blame us if we review a blog about gardening and six months later you chase it down and it is all about dog training. We live for the moment.

We are also interested in the blogging community and blogging trends. Both of us have been involved in online communities since their birth and have grown slightly more mature with them as they have evolved.

Read us if you like, or don't.
Link to us if you like, or don't.

We're not doing this for the greater glory of anything or anyone. We just like to chat about good blogs and sites and this is a way to indulge in that pleasure.